Mejores Libros de Beth Kery

Hemos recopilado los últimos libros de Beth Kery así como sus otras obras más reconocidas que todo el mundo debería de leer. Beth Kery goza de un gran talento y tiene la veneración de toda la crítica literaria a su favor, incluso tiene una gran de legión de lectores que devora sus libros una vez que salen publicados.

Lista de Todos los Libros de Beth Kery por orden

En este post, te presentamos una lista con todos los libros de Beth Kery por orden de publicación, donde incluimos los más famosos y también los menos conocidos de su repertorio literario. Estamos seguros que encontrarás en nuestra recomendación de los mejores libros de Beth Kery alguno que sea de tu agrado, incluso muchas de estas obras son de lectura casi obligatoria.

1 Sulfureuse compromission (Tome 2) (Illicit')

Sulfureuse compromission (Tome 2) (Illicit')

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| Fecha Publicación: 2017-10-25| Género: Ficción por género | Editorial: J'ai lu | Idioma: Francés| Autor: Beth Kery| Nº Páginas: 320|

Emma pensait connaître Michael, son séduisant amant.

Aussi, quand elle lui découvre une jeunesse dépravée et une première femme ayant connu un destin tragique, elle prend peur.

D’autant plus qu’il vient de racheter l’appartement où elle habite sans lui en toucher un mot.

Qui est donc cet homme dont Emma est amoureuse ? N’abuserait-il pas du pouvoir qu’il exerce sur elle ? En quelques semaines, Michael a bouleversé son existence et lui a fait découvrir un monde fastueux, sensuel et captivant.

Tellement captivant que, si Emma n’y prend garde, elle pourrait bien y perdre sa liberté...

2 Behind the Curtain

Behind the Curtain

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| Fecha Publicación: 2017-05-02| Género: Mujer contemporánea | Editorial: Berkley | Idioma: Inglés| Autor: Beth Kery| Nº Páginas: 400|

Cultures clash and passion ignites in the novel that will leave you begging for more—from the bestselling author of The Affair and Looking Inside.

  There’s something about this woman…   On a break between overseas jobs, journalist Asher Gaites returns to his hometown of Chicago—and allows his friends to persuade him to check out a hot new singer.

At a downtown jazz club, he’s soon transfixed by the lyrical voice and sensuous body of a woman who performs behind a thin, shimmering veil...

  …That could bring a man to his knees.

  The veil gives Moroccan-American Laila Barek the anonymity she needs since she has never been able to reconcile her family’s values with her passion for music.

But one man is inexplicably drawn to her.

And when Asher confronts her on a subway platform after a gig, he’s shocked to recognize the woman who walked away from him nine years ago...

  Laila has never been able to forget the touch, the feel, the taste of Asher.

And despite the doubt and fear that wind their way into their lives, they must trust the heat of their desire to burn down the walls the world has placed between them… MATURE AUDIENCE

3 Make Me (Make Me Series)

Make Me (Make Me Series)

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| Fecha Publicación: 2017-02-07| Género: Mujer contemporánea | Editorial: Berkley | Idioma: Inglés| Autor: Beth Kery| Nº Páginas: 528|

Available for the first time as a complete novel—the serial from the New York Times bestselling author of When I’m With You that explores hidden pasts, dangerous obsessions, and uncontrollable passion...

  Harper McFadden established herself as an investigative journalist by being both compassionate and fearless.

After tragedy strikes her family, she moves to the shores of Lake Tahoe to find some peace.

But when mysterious software mogul Jacob Latimer enters her life, her thoughts turn from her own healing to an insatiable desire to get closer to him...

  No one knows what secrets lurk in the past of Jacob Latimer.

He built his corporation from nothing, but rumors abound about his mysterious rise to power.

Harper is the last person he should let into his life.

She could expose the truth about his origins.

But Jacob knows things about Harper’s past that draw him in.

He wants nothing more than to make her his—and Jacob is a man who always gets what he wants...

4 The Affair [Idioma Inglés]

The Affair [Idioma Inglés]

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| Fecha Publicación: 2015-09-01| Género: Ficción contemporánea | Editorial: Berkley | Idioma: Inglés| Autor: Beth Kery| Nº Páginas: 544|

Available for the first time as a complete novel—the serial from the New York Times bestselling author that explores the dynamics of power and sex between two people who set the rules of desire…only to shatter them.

  When unconventional hospice nurse Emma Shore secured a new position at the Breakers, the sprawling mansion of enigmatic and dangerously handsome racecar billionaire Michael Montand, she had no idea how soon she’d be drawn into his darker sexual games—or that it would be her own fantasies that would hold her captive.

  Michael knew he shouldn’t have engaged such an innocent woman to share in his desires.

But strong sexual appetites and selfishness run in his blood.

  From Michael’s luxurious lakeside home to the sun-drenched, sensual shores of the French Riviera, Emma submits again and again to his intoxicating power.

But she knows there is only one way to protect her heart.

  The affair will continue, but under her conditions: Only she can end it, and when it’s over, they will part and never speak again of the things they dared to do behind locked doors..

NOTA: El libro no está en español, sino en inglés.

5 Porque nos amamos (Porque eres mía 3)

Porque nos amamos (Porque eres mía 3)

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| Fecha Publicación: 2014-07-03| Género: Romántica | Editorial: DEBOLS!LLO | Idioma: Español| Autor: Beth Kery| Nº Páginas: 320|

Él está acostumbrado a conseguir lo que quiere. Ella todavía no sabe hasta dónde es capaz de llegar por amor. Ian y Francesca siguen disfrutando de la exquisita pasión que los unió, pero deberán enfrentarse a unos turbios hechos que atormentan a Ian y que amenazan con separarlos para siempre. La vida de él está marcada por un siniestro secreto que desconocía, aunque la sombra de esta realidad le convirtió en el hombre oscuro y misterioso que es... El mismo que sedujo a Francesca y que la tiene completa y apasionadamente enamorada. Ahora Ian debe encarar la verdad, aunque ello ponga en peligro la relación con su adorada y sexy prometida. Por su parte Francesca se verá obligada a confiar en sus sentimientos, aunque no sabe si será capaz de pasar esta prueba de fuego. Si no lo consiguen, el idilio más excitante de sus vidas se desvanecerá. Pero si lologran, confirmarán algo que ya intuían: nunca dejarán de amarse. Reseñas: «Realista y, aun así, fantástico. Emotiva y ruda, pero con toques de humor y de ternura...» Heroes and Heartbreakers «No pude dejar de leerlo. Ian y Francesca son dos personajes sumamente complejos y atractivos que se quedarán en mi memoria por muchísimo tiempo.» Fiction Vixen Books Reviews

6 Since I Saw You: 4 (Because You Are Mine Series)

Since I Saw You: 4 (Because You Are Mine Series)

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| Fecha Publicación: 2014-05-06| Género: Ficción femenina | Editorial: Berkley | Idioma: Inglés| Autor: Beth Kery| Nº Páginas: 352|

In the “exceptionally hot” (USA Today) Because You Are Mine, Beth Kery redefined what’s possible, what’s desirable, and what’s forbidden between a man and a woman.

It’s time to go further...

When enigmatic billionaire Ian Noble sets Lin the task of “taming” his brilliant yet half-savage brother Kam Reardon, she eagerly accepts.

She’s more than curious about the solitary genius and everything she’s heard about him.

During their electric first meeting, her fascination increases a hundredfold.

Kam practically oozes raw sex appeal.

Lin is interested...very interested.

But does her intense attraction and willingness to go places with him she’s never gone before in the bedroom really have to do with Kam? Or is her carefully hidden desire to blame for wanting a man she knows she can never have? An elusive outsider, Kam avoids intimacy, yet never shies away from satisfying his erotic appetites.

But there’s something different about Lin—a reserve he’s anxious to break.

She’s a woman he’s eager to take his time with…and possess completely.

A sophisticated beauty like her would never want him anywhere but in bed, but he finds himself unable to resist her.

Immediately Lin’s smooth facade is undone by Kam’s overwhelming masculinity and by his irresistible erotic demands—a lesson in subjugation that leaves Lin confused, reeling, and open to things she never thought possible.

Now, as the unpredictable nights between them grow darker, Lin and Kam are certain of only one thing: they’re made for each other.

7 Because You Are Mine

Because You Are Mine

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| Fecha Publicación: 2013-03-18| Género: Literatura y ficción | Editorial: Because You Are Mine | Idioma: Inglés| Autor: Beth Kery|

The moment Francesca and Ian met, the attraction was mutual, an exquisitely physical charge that ignited between them.

To Ian, she was the kind of woman he couldn't resist.

She was a true innocent.

To Francesca, he was the kind of man she feared and desired-dark, extreme, commanding, and forbidden.

What happened between them couldn't be ignored-only indulged, evolving into an inescapable bond.From a private jet to an interlude in Paris, from a daring tryst in a public museum to the intimacy of a luxury hotel, Francesca and Ian come together whenever the need is aroused.

But as their relationship grows more intense, Francesca discovers something about Ian-and herself-that forever changes the game and the players.

It's something they never expected, something that sends both their lives spinning deliriously out of control .



8 Porque eres mía (Porque eres mía 1)

Porque eres mía (Porque eres mía 1)

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| Fecha Publicación: 2013-02-27| Género: Romántica | Editorial: DEBOLS!LLO | Idioma: Español| Autor: Beth Kery| Nº Páginas: 381|

Todo empieza con esa primera mirada, cuando lo ves y sabes que tiene que ser tuyo... Francesca Arno ha sido seleccionada entre miles de jóvenes artistas para pintar el mural que presidirá el vestíbulo del nuevo rascacielos de Ian Noble. Él ha organizado una fiesta en su honor y es allí donde ella lo ve por primera vez. La atracción que siente Francesca es tan inmediata como desconcertante. Nunca había reaccionado así ante un desconocido. Enigmático, intenso, misterioso e imponente, Ian la perturba por completo. Y a ella le encanta. Para Ian ella es el tipo de mujer por la que no puede evitar sentirse fascinado, una auténtica rareza: una chica absolutamente inocente. No obstante, también percibe que ella desea abrirse, experimentar, entregarse a las fantasías de un hombre como él. Tras su primer roce, las barreras del deseo y la pasión irán cayendo irremediablemente... Reseñas: «Uno de los mejores romances eróticos que he leído nunca.» All About Romance «Adictiva y deliciosa.» Usa Today

9 Cuando estoy contigo

Cuando estoy contigo

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| Fecha Publicación: 2013| Género: Ficción por género | Editorial: Random | Autor: Beth Kery|

Cuando estoy contigo de Beth Kery. Random, 2013

10 Only for You: One Night of Passion by Beth Kery (2015-02-26)

Only for You: One Night of Passion by Beth Kery (2015-02-26)

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| Fecha Publicación: 1845| Género: Ficción contemporánea | Editorial: Headline Eternal | Autor: Beth Kery|

Former Army intelligence officer Seth Hightower may work with the Hollywood elite as a makeup artist, but he's learned not to trust the rich and famous with anything more than a good time. Only one woman ever tempted him to break his rules about dating actresses--and she left him with the memory of a single night and a lifetime of what-ifs. Hollywood "It" girl Gia Harris is used to being in the spotlight. But after she witnesses something that puts her life in danger, she needs to avoid prying eyes. Seth's special skills make him the perfect person to keep her famous face out of the news, but their history makes him the last person she wants to be alone with. He's far too tempting--and now, far too close... As Seth conceals Gia from those who would do her harm, they can't ignore the blistering attraction between them. And when they give in to their cravings, they reveal more about themselves than either of them has ever laid bare before...

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